Download The entire Pascal Blockchain

How to run a Pascal full-Node with the entire block-chain history (Downloading the entire Block-chain rather than the last 100-blocks)

In PascalCoin, a node (or running a wallet) only requires a relatively small SafeBox and the last 100 blocks,  But you will not be able to view the previous transactions history, only the new transactions will appears on your wallet explorer, So if you want to download the entire Blockchain history you have to do it manually by following the instructions below.

1. Download & Install the Pascal wallet for windows or Linux from
2. Download the BlockChainStream file from
3. Run the Pascal wallet and go to the project menu > Options > uncheck “Download the new checkpoint if blockchain order than“,
from the same windows click on “Open Data folder” button, Then Press OK button and close the wallet.
4. From The PascalCoin folder, Open “Data” Folder and Delete all files inside, then extract the BlockChainStream file on the same folder (Data folder).
5. Run the pascal wallet again and wait a few minutes to fully synchronized.

Enjoy 🙂