PASA Account – FAQ

1What is a PASA Account?
Instead of complicated cryptocurrency addresses, Pascal works with ordinal numbered accounts (e.g. “1000-84”). To set up your wallet, first you must have at least one account on your wallet; an account is called “PASA” and can also be named.
2PASA vs Public key
You may give other people your Public Key, but usually to transfer or assign a PASA (Pascal Account). If someone wants to send you PASC (coin), you only need to give them the PASA number you want Pascals sent to.
3How PASA/s are Generated
PASA are added only via mining. Each 5-minute block produces 5 accounts (PASAs) with 50 PASC (Coins), the rewarded coins send to one PASA account! (Note: There are 20% developer reward Managed by a foundation and used for Pascal development, so the Pascal foundation get 1 PASA account with 10 PASC coins of the Previously mentioned reward). (PASAs) are also traded and given away for free.
4How to Obtain a PASA (Without mining)?
The easiest way to obtain your first PASA is through Mobile wallet [Blaise wallet] or if you using the desktop wallet your can use
5Where can I find the Public key?
The purpose of the wallet public key is only to transfer or assign PASA (Pascal account), And the Account/s can be used to send and receive coins (PASC), If you want to get your public key (to transfer or assign PASA account) — on desktop wallet go to “Project” menu, Then “Private keys”, Then select your wallet or create a new one, and “expert public key — You won’t need to do that on the mobile wallet [Blaise wallet], anyway if you want it, You can go to “Gear icon” at the top right” 
6How to transfer PASA/s from Blaise wallet to Desktop wallet?
To transfer your PASA account you need to send it to your desktop wallet public key, [to get the “public key” follow the instructions above], and then on the blaise wallet select the account your want to transfer and click “Pen icon at the top right” and “transfer account”, then insert your desktop wallet public key ” 
6Download Wallets
1. For Android and iOS –  2. For desktop ”